June - 21 - 2019


„The destruction of everything is the beginning of something new“ - Refused


This band has seen many different and beautiful places, musicians, activists and helping hands over the years. We learned a lot, discussed, argued and ate a whole lot of vegan cake along the way.

Being a part of Thränenkind / King Apathy was something really special for all of us. We had to learn different musical roles and how to manage a band in different ways. Whoever saw us in the first years might know why we used samples between the songs and why Nils doesn't talk that much anymore. ;) Most of you might already know where this text is leading to, so we will make it short from here:


King Apathy decided to split up as a band.


We live in 4 different cities in Germany and sadly the asshole called reality (or capitalism!) forces us into 9-5 jobs. It's difficult to keep this band active over the distance and we barely find the time to rehearse or play any shows.

We are really happy with our latest record “Wounds” and it feels good to end this band after having released the best album we could write. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing feedback we got for this record. It means the world to us!

Hugs go out to: Nico, Flo, Mo, Manu, Martin, Robert and Dave for being a part of the band or helping us out on tour. Stefan and Lifeforce Records for releasing our music and believing in us through all these years. All the people and labels who released specials editions or tape versions. Marco, Ivonne and the whole Avocado crew for sending us out on tour with awesome bands like Hierophant, Kowloon Walled City and Ghost Bath. In general we wanna thank all the local promoters, squats and concert groups who invited us to play, gave us food and a warm place to crash.

We want to thank Timo and Alerta Antifascista Records & Robby and Supreme Chaos Records for their continuing support.

Kisses go out to our lovely friends in Ancst and Dawn Day´d and Anna and Simon for helping us out on the second record. We love you!


You can catch most of us with our other bands: CLEARxCUT, Cremations, The Cold, Heretoir or Kultist.


If you like our music, please check out those studio projects some of us are involved in: BONJOUR TRISTESSE & WIND IN HIS HAIR


We will play three final shows:

13.7.19 Hardcore Help Foundation Summer Fest, Halver

27.7.19 Fluff Fest, Rokycany

16.8.19 Summer Breeze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl


“Be excellent to each other” Bill and Ted

PS There is no second Earth! We need to protect what is left of it! The time to act is NOW!




February - 22 - 2019

Our new album has been released today! 

You can stream it in its entirety here:


February - 7 - 2019

We will hit the road together with A Secret Revealed and CLEARxCUT in April!

12.4. München. Kafe Marat
13.4. Nürnberg, Projekt 31
14.4. Gießen, AK44
15.4. Köln, AZ
16.4. Leipzig, Stö
17.4. Dresden, Chemiefabrik
18.4. Hamburg, Hafenklang
19.4. Kiel, Schaubude


February - 1 - 2019

We are really happy to show you these beauties! 


January - 28 - 2019

You can find the first two songs off our upcoming Album "Wounds" here:

Earthmother Rising:

The Scars of the Land:


January - 26th - 2019

Behold the coverartwork of our upcoming album "Wounds"




December - 1 - 2018

You can find the first teaser trailer of our upcoming Album "Wounds" here:

And you can preorder new merch here:



November - 27 - 2018


September - 2 - 2018

We finished the recordings of our new album! It will be released in early 2019. Stay tuned!



August - 11 - 2018

We are in the middle of the drum recordings of our upcoming album!


August - 25 - 2017

Our split with Ancst is out NOW!

Get your copy at our bandcamp store or grab it at the online shop of Supreme Chaos Records, Alerta Antifascista Records or Resist.Rewild.Records.



July - 01 - 2017

We are really happy to tell you, that we recorded a split release together with our friends in Ancst! 

It will be available via Supreme Chaos Records, Alerta Antifascista Records and Resist.Rewild.Records as vinyl LP and download. 

The split features one new song of both bands and a coverversion of one of the other bands songs. 

More news to come soon.



06 - 24 - 2017

We played the last show of our tour with GHOST BATH and HERETOIR today at Saint Helena Fest in Munich. We had an amazing time on the road and we want to thank everyone who checked us out and supported us. A special thank you goes out to Avocado Booking.



06 - 01 - 2017

We will hit the road together with GHOST BATH and HERETOIR in a few days. We are really looking forward to this. 

03 - 05 - 2017

We have a new band homepage now:

Our new band contact is: king-apathy[at]

03 - 01 - 2017

Thränenkind was founded almost exactly ten years ago. For us this marks a great opportunity to reveal our new band name: King Apathy. 

This may come as a surprise, but if you have followed our effort in the last year, this name will be familiar to you. It is also the title of our latest album, released in May 2016, which we all are very proud of. The ten years anniversary seemed to be a convenient point to take this hard, but nevertheless important step for us. What has once been started as a solo project has grown into a full band by now and also the musical style of our latest releases differs from the depressive black metal embodied on the first demo/EP. So have the lyrics on King Apathy, many of them composed by Nils – mainly focusing on very personal social criticism, driven by postmodern alienation – as they are in no way connected to the romantic and depressive lyrics of older Thränenkind songs. In fact the band name was part of an overall concept back then, which is simply not fitting anymore. Consequently each and every band members’ level of identification with this name is no longer provided, leaving us with no other possible decision than to rename the band. As a matter of fact our second album King Apathy sums up everything we stand for. It has been the first record composed and performed by the whole band without the help of any studio musicians and we all back it to 100% - conceptually, lyrically and musically. Adding to that, the name King Apathy is already connected to us, watering this whole process down to some kind of “re-naming light”. This makes it merely logical for us to choose exactly that name for our band.
But be assured, this does in no way mean that we are trying to cut out our past. Everything released before our debut in 2013 has never been a part of the live program, but you can still expect songs off of The Elk on our future setlists. We will always cherish our time as Thränenkind, but right now King Apathy is looking forward to what is going to be an eventful year 2017. We really hope that you stay tuned!

German Version:

Thränenkind wurde vor ziemlich genau zehn Jahren gegründet. Dies möchten wir als Anlass nehmen, euch unseren neuen Bandnamen vorzustellen: King Apathy. 

Wer unser Schaffen im letzten Jahr verfolgt hat, dem bzw. der wird dieser Name nicht unbekannt sein, ist er doch auch Titel unseres letzten Albums, welches im Mai 2016 erschienen ist und mit dem wir alle wahnsinnig zufrieden sind. Zehn Jahre Bandgeschichte, das halten wir für einen guten Zeitpunkt diesen schwierigen, für uns aber umso wichtigeren Schritt zu nehmen. Aus dem ehemaligen Solo-Projekt ist mittlerweile eine vollwertige Band geworden, die sich zudem noch vom ursprünglichen Depressive Black Metal immer weiter entfernt hat. Auch die heutzutage zu einem großen Teil von Nils verfassten Texte haben wenig mit der Thematik der Anfangstage gemein, handeln sie doch mehr von sozialkritischer Entfremdung als romantischer Selbstzerstörung. Somit ist die Identifikation eines jeden einzelnen in der Band mit dem, was damals in einer Art Gesamtkonzept „Thränenkind“ getauft wurde, mittlerweile auf ein Minimum geschrumpft. Unser zweites Album King Apathy jedoch, steht für alles was uns heutzutage ausmacht: Es war das erste Album welches komplett als Band und ohne Studiomusiker entstanden ist und auch musikalisch und textlich können wir sagen, dass die gesamte Band zu 100% hinter King Apathy steht. Zudem besteht auch assoziativ zwischen Titel und Band passenderweise schon eine enge Verbindung, was das ganze eher zu einer „Umbenennung light“ werden lässt. Somit war es für uns nur eine logische Entscheidung genau diesen Namen für die Band zu wählen. 

Das alles soll jedoch nicht bedeuten, dass wir unsere Vergangenheit komplett ausblenden wollen. Zwar war all das, was vor unserem 2013er Debut erschien ohnehin nie Teil des Liveprogramms (und wird es jetzt bestimmt auch nicht mehr werden), The Elk-Songs kann man aber trotzdem weiterhin in unseren Sets finden. Wir werden die Zeit als Thränenkind immer in Ehren halten, schauen jetzt als King Apathy aber nach vorne und freuen uns auf ein ereignisreiches Jahr 2017. Wir hoffen, ihr bleibt dran!




2016 was another great year for this band and we are really looking forward to 2017. 

We are already planning some interesting stuff for next year...






We like to introduce you to our new drummer: 

Hannes (ex-Downfall of Gaia) is our newest bandmember and we are highly pleased to have him on board. He played his first two shows with us last weekend and we had an amazing time already. We could not be happier!





We are back from our tour through Europe with Ghost Bath. We had a great time. Thanks to all those who came to see us.

Now we are rehearsing for our last few shows in 2016. Check out the live section for more news.




Two months after its release the vinyl version of our album "King Apathy" is sold out.
We got the repress today and it turned out absolutely beautiful.
Thanks to all those who supported this band.

For those who dont already have one, get your copy at: or






In August we will hit the road with the mighty Ghost Bath from the US.

Stoked to share the stage with such a talented band.




Our second full-length album "King Apathy" was released today worldwide!

And the tour with our friends in ANCST starts today, too! We will play our record release show in Berlin tonight.

Hope to see a lot of you there and on our other shows.




New merch available!





Check out the first full song of the new Thraenenkind (official) album:


"King Apathy" will be available May 13th as CD Digipak, Ltd edition gatefold LP and Download.

Listen to the album teaser here:





We are very happy to finally announce the new Thraenenkind (official) album!

The new effort entitled "King Apathy" will be available May 13th as CD Digipak, Ltd edition gatefold LP and Download.

Preorder starts soon! Check out






Finally! Some minutes ago we listened to the final version of our upcoming album "King Apathy" for the first time! We are really stoked! A big thank you goes out to Oli at Blastbeat Productions, who finished mixing and mastering today!




We finished the recordings of our upcoming album! It's gonna be a blast.




We had an amazing time on tour with our friends in Dawn Ray'd. Thanks to all the people who came to see us on our small tour through England. It was a pleasure.




The last three days were really great. We played some smaller shows with our friends in THURM. Thanks for sharing the stage with us. Another thank you to all the people who made this possible, organized shows and came out to see us.




Paranoya Fest was amazing. Thanks to all who checked us out. We had a really great time with you.
Up the crust punx!




Summerbreeze you were absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for checking us out, singing along, banging your heads and making this show to one of the greatest experiences in our bandhistory.

We are really thankful for getting the possibility to play for you and for being a part of this festival. Thanks to all the organizers, technicians and those who made our time at the festival so comfortable.And last but not least: thanks to all of you who applauded for our words against racism and fascism. Summerbreeze it was a pleasure.



To be on tour with Dawn Ray'd (ex We came out like tigers) and Ast was amazing. We had a great time together on the road and we played some really nice shows. This tour was more than just playing music together. It was about sharing the same worldview, talking about politics and music and spending time with friends.

Thanks go out to all those who made this possible and checked us out.




We are stoked to tell you, that we will hit the road in May together with the amazing Dawn Ray'd (ex We came out like tigers) and Ast.
We will start in Hamburg, be a part of DIY Fest in the netherlands, travel through germany, play two shows in czech republic and will finally finish our tour at the unique Miss the stars Fest in Berlin.
We are looking forward to presenting you one more new song of our upcoming album on tour. We hope to meet a lot of you.




We had an amazing time on the road. Thanks to all the lovely people who came to check us out (sold out show in Berlin: just awesome), who cooked delicious food for us, offered cosy sleeping places and did everything to set up some great shows. A big thank you goes out to our tourmates in Ancst and AST, who were like the kindest and pleasant people to tour with.


We will hit the road together with the mighty Ancst and AST in November! Be prepared:

20.11.2014 - DE - Berlin, XB

21.11.2014 - DE - Dresden, Wums

22.11.2014 - DE - Magdeburg, Heizhaus

23.11.2014 - DE - Leipzig, Atari




We are really happy to be a part of Haglaz Fest 2 (Red Anarchist Black Metal Meeting), taking place on the 17th and 18th of October in Mülheim a. d. Ruhr.




A big thank you to all the people who checked us out on our tour with Hierophant and Bastions. We also like to thank all the promoters and lovely people who set up shows, cooked delicious vegan food and made this tour possible.

A big thank you goes out to the amazing Hierophant and Bastions who were simply perfect tourmates.




You can now preorder our new two-song EP called "hope(less)".
Get the strictly limited 7" vinyl right here:

The EP is also available in digital form. To get it (and to listen to some snippets), visit:

The official release date is the 18th of July 2014.




We are happy to announce the tourdates for our small summertour.

We will hit the road together with the mighty HIEROPHANT from Italy.

22.7. Leipzig - WERK2

23.7. Flensburg - TBA

24.7. Berlin - TBA

25.7. Rokycany (CZ) - Fluff Fest

27.7. Innsbruck (AU) - Café Decentral [+ Deaf kids & Bastions (UK)]

28.7. Wien (AU) - Arena [+ Bastions (UK)]

29.7.Budapest (HU) - Bar Roham [+ Bastions (UK)]

30.7. München - Feierwerk [+ Bastions (UK)]




We are really excited to finally share our first music video with you. Check it out!




We're very happy to be a part of the amazing Fluff Fest this year!
It's exciting to finally play at this unique festival we've been visiting for years.




Some more shows confirmed. Check out the live section!



We have confirmed some more live shows. Check out the live section!



Great news for all those who are waiting to see us live.

We will hit the road for four shows in autumn 2013, together with blackened hardcore band GOLDUST.

Check out the live section for tourdates. We hope to see you in November.



Finally: Our debut album "The elk" was released via Lifeforce Records.