KING APATHY is a melodic Post Metal band. 

It is active since 2007 and was founded near Munich in the south of Germany.

The new bandname was chosen to remind us, that we live in a dying world where humans, animals and the earth are exploited and killed, while most people can't find the strength to resist and start to fight against injustice and domination.

We all are ruled by a king called "Apathy". 

The members of KING APATHY share interests in the ideas of anarchism, veganism and the critique of capitalism and industrial civilization. Some of them are straight edge. Their lyrics broach the issues of the relationship between humanity and nature, interpersonal relations, anarchism, urbanity in general and humanity's struggle for freedom. 

The band was founded in 2007 under the name Thränenkind. Having released a demo (2008) and a split-CD with HERETOIR (2010), “The Elk” (2013) was the first full-length for the quintet. The earlier recordings had more black metal and shoegaze influences, while their LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut album contains touches of crust, hardcore punk and post rock. 

The band is raising a claim with awareness, respect and a diversity of sounds and words. All of this is the expression of the differentiated approach of the group. On the band’s second album for LIFEFORCE RECORDS – you can hear and feel what this means. The range of influences is wide – so are the feelings that have been transferred into fiery, impressive music. Following the path of “The Elk” (2013), KING APATHY move freely in between melodic metal, post black metal, metalcore, crust, post rock and hardcore punk without putting obvious priorities or rather core areas. The focus – still – lies on creating atmosphere and melancholy as well as lasting impressions.

At its ten years anniversary the band was renamed after its second album "King Apathy".